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Meet the Practice

Dr. Sandi Reiken, MSW, Ph.D.

Dr. Sandi Reiken is a Clinical Psychologist with 25 years of experience treating patients. She received her undergraduate degree at Boston University, her MSW at Yeshiva University, and her Ph.D. at Fielding University. She practiced privately for 15 years and decided to start a Group Practice in order to support her patients and the community by providing therapists with different areas of expertise. As part of her community support program, Dr. Reiken and her daughter, Rachel Krupnick, MSW, LSW, led a Cancer Survivor Support Group at Morristown Memorial Hospital.  Dr. Reiken was named by “Psychology Today” as one of New Jersey’s top therapists.

Dr. Reiken states, “I thoroughly enjoy being a Therapist because it affords me the opportunity to help people to change their lives.” Dr. Reiken’s education is primarily traditional, and she has taken extensive workshops and courses in other modalities; e.g. cognitive, behavioral, self-psychology, transactional analysis and Gestalt Therapy. She is an advocate of short term therapy and has experienced tremendous value for patients from this approach, both philosophically and practically. She believes people need to heal, get on with their lives, and feels this should not take years. 

The last few years have brought a new specialty and focus to her practice. She was diagnosed with a chronic illness and truly relates to people who are constantly faced with the challenges of learning to live with illness and how they make necessary adjustments to their everyday lives. 

Dr. Reiken takes great pride in her group practice. The group includes therapists with different specialties and offer treatment methods including hypnotherapy.  Specialized areas include addictions and substance abuse, child therapy, infertility, couples therapy, family counseling, eating disorders, phobias and infertility. From the moment you call her office, the support staff is informative and welcoming. You will be treated in a most confidential and professional matter. Taking the first step toward getting help is often the most difficult. Dr. Reiken and her Associates are here for you.

Meet the Practice:

Dr. Sandi Reiken, MSW, Ph.D.


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